Host websites from home

3 steps to publish your local websites

Make your local websites
Using Apache, IIS etc
Run software and setup your domain
Free subdomain available
Open your domain at anywhere
Around the world

General websites are deployed in data-center, dedicated server, vps hosting, web hosting etc.
Now with the powerful homehttp tool, you can host websites in your local computer.
People around the world can access your local websites via our cloud proxy.

Save hosting cost


Why homehttp

HomeHttp is a FREE service which help people around the world to access your websites which are hosted in a local network.

Easy Start

It's the easiest software that everyone can configure the website in one minute

Free Plan

Cut hosting cost, even ZERO COST when you start sharing you websites.

Powerful Hardware

Use your own powerful fastest computer, get rid of the poor configuration of web hosting

Easy Manage

No remote desktop, No FTP, control your local computer directly.

Free Sub Domain

We provide free sub domain, so that you can start it immediately

Firewall AutoPass

You don't need to configure the router/firewall, it works automatically

Bandwidth Scalability

With caching and super compressing technology, Your websites can handle up to 60+ times traffic than your local network upstream speed.

Data Safe

All data are store in your computer, backup easily, and no need to worry about online hosting service broken.

Local Safe

Your website is working behide our cloud service. Our cloud servers have strong ability to defend attacks. Your IP will never be exposed.


  • Can I use my own domain ?
    Yes, we provide CNAME alias to let you bind your domain.
  • Does this software support virtual machine ?
    Yes, the software can run in a virtual machine. It also support webserver in virtual machine
  • Is it a webserver software like IIS or Apache ?
    No, it's a reverse proxy tool. You need to setup a local website at first
  • What kinds of http server it can support?
    IIS, Apache, Nginx, node.js, NAS, Router, Subversion, any others
  • Does it support linux website?
    Yes, however the homehttp.exe must run in windows
  • Can it support PHP/JSP/ASP.NET/ROR etc?
    It will work if your web server software support it
  • Can I use homehttp to control my home NAS when I am outsite?
    Yes, most NAS support web access
  • Can I use it for subversion?
    Yes, build your local repositories and let your team members access it around the world
  • Is a PC good enough for hosting website?
    Sure, the morden PC is stable enough. Do stress-test before you start

People Like It

12000+ people and companies registered
300000+ GB transfered every month

HomeHttp is fit for

  • Intranet Websites
    Many companies have intranet websites, and they want to make it public, but don't want to move it to data center.
  • Collaboration
    Companies use open source collaboration and they are glad that the data are stored in their office.
  • Web Master
    They saved many hosting money after migrating the websites to local.
  • Personal Websites
    HomeHttp provide free plan for the people who want to make custom personal blogs/forums
  • Game Guilds
    Some game guilds use our service to build forums so guild members can talk in it.
  • Students
    Many students use our service to share their design and artworks to each others
  • Web Developers
    Their bosses/colleagues/customers can preview the developing websites now.
  • Subversion
    Developers like to create repositories into their computers and let others access the code via subversion.


For high standard security, we only allow using software to create account.
Download it and try now.


Download HomeHttp Software

HomeHttp software is a green software, do not need install, just extract the zip file and run it.


HomeHttp program requirement :

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/2003/2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2 or higher, 32bit or 64bit

For XP/2003, any of Microsoft.Net framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/higher is required. (Download 4.0)

HomeHttp is not a Web server , You need to run the Web server by your own way.

Web server OS support : Windows,Linux, Any others

Web server software support : IIS,Apache,Nginx, Any others

Programing Language : ASP/ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET/PHP/Java/Ruby/Node.js, Any others

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